Closing the Circles

I started making circles on Saturday, and as I was busy making rings, these two lovelies came through our door.

"We are looking for rings," they both chimed...

"I am making rings right now," I replied, "so why don't you stick around and let's make your rings, and you can help me texture them?"

And we were off. 

Friends since college, their weekend was adults only with their spouses in another part of the city enjoying a different attraction. 

But these jewels were adventuring in the River Arts District, and they happened upon our door. 

I would like to think that they were attracted like moths to light to the ring-making activity going on, but they didn't know what I was doing, at least not on one level of awareness...but the other levels..well, something was afoot.

We made rings...we shared stories and pictures of their babes at home, and we connected over bits of metal that were soldered shut into circles signifying the commitment of marriage for one, and the memories of a beloved grandmother for the other.  

Metal transmits emotions and feelings...and takes on meaning with one's intentions. These rings  were a way for me to connect to two adorable women that are journeying over some landscapes that I've journeyed through myself. 

Questions and longings for something more...these are things I know something about. I was about their age when my inner voice started yelling at me to be heard and acknowledged, listened to and to start taking action.

While their rings were polishing, they went away for more exploration, and they returned to the studio excited and anxious to see how their rings turned out. 

I was gifted again with a peek inside their dreams and aspirations, and we talked and commingled our stories trying to learn the universal lessons that our combined experiences have left us with...and we shared them.

With each other. 

I hope I see them again...I hope their experience to my little creative oasis quenched their thirst for living more deeply, with more connection and they felt heard and seen.

They made my day so much richer. This is why I love what I am able to do...connecting with breathing jewels in all their splendor. 

My life is so rich.

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