Moving to Roanoke, Virginia

I've announced on Instagram that Shayne and I are moving to Roanoke, Virginia but haven't been able to write about the journey of getting to our new home in much detail.

I've been reluctant. 

Shayne and I decided about 4 months ago that Asheville wasn't going to be where we buy a home, and for the first couple of months, I was pretty heartbroken about our conclusion after living here for a year. 

We came back to this part of the country after moving back home to Arkansas, and we were so sure in our decision that Asheville would be our final move. 

But here I am, writing again to announce we are moving, hopefully, next month.

I can share that we have put in an offer on a house, and it was accepted. We are in the middle of the purchasing process now, and if everything happens on time, we will be in our new home around the middle of November. 

I am wrapping up my life here in North Carolina now, and am looking forward to this next stage of my life. 

I'm about to be a homeowner in a city that I really know nothing about, other than it is on the Parkway and the people that I have met so far in our numerous trips to Roanoke have been super. 

I'm trusting that everything is as it should be.

Life really is about change, isn't it?

I am going to be listing jewelry in my shop that I have available for immediate shipment over the next few days, and will begin the process of moving out of my studio in the River Arts District.

So, my made to order line will be taken off-line.

I won't be making any new jewelry probably until sometime in December. I have had such an amazing experience being a working artist in one of the hottest art districts in the country. It was a dream come true, but dreams have a tendency to morph into other things with a flicker of an eye. 

I am so grateful to have had this year to really immerse myself into running a retail shop, along with sharing my working life with Jessica as a studio partner. I know that my time here was essential to my own creative next steps, as well as developing strong friendships with some the people that will continue to call Asheville home. 

I know on a deep level that I was where I needed to be this year...the insights into where I want to go with my creative life moving forward have been profound because of it. 

My plan is to have a home studio again, and that is about as far as I've gotten in the planning stages.  I haven't had a 'home of my own' in over 10 years. There will be some huge adjustments to make, and I am going to take the end of this year to make the transition from living in small, cramped quarters to significantly more space. 

If all goes according to Hoyle, as my beloved grandmother was fond of saying, I will have a rather large home studio, with plenty of room for expansion into other creative directions that have been tapping me on the shoulder.  

I will also have more time to show up here and write. For the last year, working long days led to short nights filled with dinner and time spent with Shayne. I had a hard time finding the few hours necessary weekly to write the way I long to again. I want to create some new tutorials to share, and start building up my online home again. 

One thing I know I want to pursue more of is sharing what I know in a classroom sort of way. I had an amazing one-on-one jewelry session in my studio over the weekend, and it rekindled my passion for teaching. I am not quite sure what that is going to look like, but I feel like it is definitely on the horizon. 

The handmade jewelry world is a small one, and it is definitely changing. I need to figure out what my place in it will be moving forward. I've learned so much this year about how I want to express my ideas in metal, what it will take and in what direction I want to move toward. Some of this discovery process has been very surprising. Unexpected. It has required me to ask some tough questions and be open enough to receive the answers that I might not have wanted to hear. 

But there is always difficulty in the beginning of things. That I know and accept. This difficulty is something that I have been working with very intimately over the last 10 years or so, and I fully understand that for me, choppy waters always come before the smooth sailing.

I am excited about this next well as sad about the chapter that is closing. But that's how it is with our life's journeying. One thing leads to the other, and we have to trust that at the end, a beautiful book will have been written that will have been worth it. 

I trust that mine will be... 

P.S. After a couple of months of being Facebook free, I decided to re-open my Stacie Florer Jewelry Facebook page. I have a personal account, but I am only using it so that I can have a business account. My personal account isn't active. I love Instagram, and prefer to update there, but I understand that not everyone has the phone that allows for an Instagram account. So...I will be updating my FB page too. As of now, I think I only have 1 FB like :) and Sally, thank you! Actually, it's sort of nice to be starting there again fresh...fresh starts are always quite nice! XO!

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