May Showers and Flowers!

Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun. Don Miguel Ruiz

The clover in our back yard is in full bloom, and just like when I was a child, I find myself picking the flowers and twisting the stems...and fighting the bees for a fresh whiff. 

I have so enjoyed my yard this Spring, although in the last week, it has turned into a delicious rain forest from all of the water we have received.

My home studio is really coming along. It takes time to see what wants to be where...and frankly, I haven't worked enough to really know where things will ultimately end up. But I am slowly figuring out how to use my space. 

During this period, I had a commissioned ring from a customer I met last year during the Divine Love conference I was a vender at, and I was so happy with how it turned out. 

My customer is a big fan of a book series by Kathleen McGowan. The book, The Expected One, described a ring that the heroine is given at the beginning of the book... a cosmology ring that is in hammered copper with 9 planets surrounding the sun. There is a small illustration of it in the book, and I used that as a template for the actual design of the ring. I used a sterling silver ring band instead of copper so it wouldn't turn her finger green. I love how it turned out.

I made some new earrings for my mother for her first trip out of the country. My brother and she left last week for Scotland, and she wanted some fresh and pretty earrings to wear on her trip. I had posted these earrings on my Instagram feed and she adored the Rose Quartz and wanted her new pair to incorporate these beautiful daggers, too. 

Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Daggers Long Pinned (2016)

So, I found two more similar to those above, and fashioned her these...they have a commercial ear wire on them, as she didn't want fish hooks since they could fall out easier since she will be wearing warm clothes and a rain jacket. I designed these with her in mind...her passion for plants and I used my curved hinge because it is just so feminine. She was pleased with them, and I am begging my brother to take a photo of her in Scotland wearing them. 

Mother's Day Pink Quartz Earrings (2016)

This is the first pair I've made with a hole and the curved hinge...and I will be making more as I adapt this design going forward. As you can see, I am beginning to incorporate a lot more stamps into my work. I have purchased an entire collection of fauna stamps that I am really itching to see what I can do with. 

I am pretty sure this new direction is coming from my love affair with all the nature that I am surrounded by!

Sterling Silver Dagger Necklaces (2016)

The necklaces above are a new design concept that I came up with to showcase these beautiful daggers that I found at my local bead store. She happens to be going out of business and I am able to get wholesale pricing on the daggers. 

I really love where this new design can go, and I have been wearing one of them that I kept out of my latest shipment to Blue Skies in Chattanooga. I especially adore the way these feel on...they are lightweight and the metal and stone just have a nice feel when you run your fingers down them together. I am also using my new stamp to mark these babies with!

Sterling Silver Discs with Colorful Beads (2016)

These lightweight and fun discs are a simply summer design to brighten up rainy summer days! These are getting shipped to Reciprocity in Asheville, but I wanted to show them to you because I am really feeling the need to revisit my bead collection and start incorporating more color into my work. I have so many beads...and it will take me a lifetime to use them all! Ah...a bead addict I was before I started banging metal!

Amazonite SS Daggers with Curved Hinge (2016)

I am revisiting in a big way the curved hinge that I started using before I moved here to Roanoke. I wanted a different hinge than the horseshoe one that I have been making for years and years. 

I love how this design looks great from all angles. Many of my customers have very short hair, and I wanted to make some earrings that look great from behind as well as full frontal. This hinge is a wonderful way to showcase more daggers and points, as well as discs too, as shown below. 

SS Discs with Curved Hinge (2016)

These little beauties were shipped to Chattanooga and my social media feeds gave this design a big thumbs up! These are stamped on both sides of the disc, and are just great everyday earrings. I will definitely be making more of these as time goes on!

I have so many new ideas floating around my head, and I am so ready to start creating them. Now that my neck is better and my studio is actually put together, I will be showing up here more, too. 

I also got some great news about a tutorial that was featured last year in Step By Step Wire Jewelry magazine...the Nautilus Earrings are now available in an E-book!