Using Space as a Design Element in Jewelry

Space...(cue in the theme music from Star Trek here). 

For me, in my current evolution as a jewelry designer, space may be my own final frontier. How to use it in such a way that it becomes, as Art Smith says, 'tangible'. 

In this post, I wanted to share with you how the above quote that I read from Art Smith's Oral History affected me deeply regarding this journey into the Modernist's mindset. 

It never occurred to me to consider space as a tangible element in design. Never. I've always known on a deep level that I love the look and feel of the modernist movement's explorations into architecture and art...but I don't think I knew what that one thing, space, had to do with it. 

I am really showing my ignorance here, I know. But for some reason, it just never occurred to me to think about space as a tangible thing. 

I am sure I have been exposed to this essential modernist concept about space many times...but it clicked hard within me when I read this oral history regarding how Art Smith thought of it as tangible. 

And by the way...consider reading the linked and supremely fascinating interview with Art Smith. Wow! All kinds of things to resonate with as a designer!

As you can plainly see in the above photograph of the first three designs...I added space as a design element in the #2 and #3, and I now I can't imagine not using this free material going forward.

That one insight about space and using it in the design of jewelry just altered my consciousness in a profound and exciting way. I can't wait to see what happens next with tomorrow's explorations!

Turning this inward, how can I use 'space' in a tangible way in other areas of my life? In my thoughts? In my actions? In my home environment design? Outside under my trees?

Space is the silence between the notes that makes the tune, right? 

I will be adding #3 to my Etsy shop tonight! I am calling them Wind Dancers...

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