The Story Behind my Double Disc Vine Earrings

 Double Disc Vine Earrings, 2016 

Every once in a while, I make a pair of earrings that I love so much, that I keep them, and wear them all of the time.

The Double Disc earrings were such a pair this year.

After I've worn them for a while, I wait until someone comments on them while I am out and about doing my thing and I gift them. 

I gifted this pair this Fall to a delightful woman I met while I was on retreat in the North Carolina mountains.

I was sitting in a rocking chair getting my bearings when I first arrived, and this very petite woman approached me and introduced herself. She reminded me of a small sparrow...everything about her was delicate and feminine, and her voice was like a song. 

After we got our introductions over with, she noticed these earrings and wanted to know where I got them. 

This comment led to my sharing with her that I was the one that made them and every time I saw her for the next few days, she would always comment on them with whomever was around at the time of our interaction.

On our last night of the retreat, I decided she was going to be the new owners of these earrings and as I looked around the dining room to gift them, I ran into her husband and he told me she had just retired to their room for the night, and that I should go knock on their door. 

He gave me their room number and up the stairs I went. 

I knocked and her singsong voice trilled out, "Come on in!" and I did, and she didn't have a stitch of clothing on. 

She didn't miss a beat...she said, "Oh hi Stacie!" and she started laughing and said she thought I was her husband. 

I quickly thrust out my gift and told her how much I had enjoyed her comments about them and that the earrings were hers..and she walked over and hugged me, still bare, and put them on right then and there. 

All she had on were my earrings and her obvious joy about them. 

I thought that was pretty awesome, and the next morning I overheard her telling her friends about the gift and the unusual way in which she received it and they all laughed...and turned to me and gave me a thumb's up.

I loved that my earrings provided a means to connect to this self-assured and wonderfully warm woman while I was in an environment where I knew no one and was about 20 years younger than the vast majority of participants. 

I learned so much about grace in action from her...and am thrilled she now owns them, as well as the memory of our interactions together. 

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