5 Key Benefits of a Part-Time Job

Once something has outlived its usefulness in one area of life, its purpose for being in existence is no longer the same. The leaf that captures a stream of sunlight, and then transfers its energy to the tree, serves one purpose in the spring and summer, and another completely different one through the fall and winter.  Guy Finley

I interviewed for and accepted a part-time position at a locally owned Health and Wellness store here in Roanoke last week. So my life has changed quite a bit in a short amount of time!

Why? Why after 13 years of working for myself did I decide to work for someone else?

I thought I would break down 5 key benefits for this decision here and why I thought it was time to grow myself in a new direction.


Stagnation is dangerous long term. It kills creativity, harms the body and stifles the soul. 

I was beginning to feel blocked in many areas of my life and the effects of this was showing up in my body as stiffness, aches and pains as well as anxiety for not using my life-force energy in a consistently productive way. 

In many ways, I felt like a dried up old leaf...unable to capture energy anymore.

Last year, when I operated my studio in the Arts District in Asheville, I noticed that I had almost unlimited energy when I was around other people, interacting with the public and having novel experiences daily. 

Over the last year in our new home, I have experienced long periods of stagnation. I enjoy having my studio in my home, but it was increasingly more difficult to go downstairs and make jewelry because I wasn't 'energized' or motivated to come up with new designs in the same way I was when I lived in Asheville.

Since our move, I'm not around other creative people daily to become inspired by a new painting or sparked by a new conversation anymore, and I was spending too much time on the internet trying to find that inspiration. 

For me, inspiration comes from my life. And my life up to this point was becoming monotonous. I needed more people interaction and a great way to grow that area of life is by getting a part-time job. 

Beginner's Mind

The amount of energy that is available when you are open, curious and excited to learn something new spills over into the stagnant areas of your life where you are rigidly attached to the way you do things. 

I believe the young have more energy because they are open to new experiences and their minds are like a blank canvas, ripe with potentiality. 

I know very little about supplementation and the new ways to support our body's ability to heal via herbs, vitamins and amino acids.  It is exciting to just be open again, eager to learn and be in a state of absorption. I have created space in my life to be filled up with information and stories from others about living an optimal life physically. 

At 49, I was beginning to feel the effects of rigidity via the habitual ways of moving through my life and determined it was primarily because I wasn't learning anything new.

Mental rigidity leads to physical stiffness...

Closed and compact is being replaced with openness and expansion. 

As I am transitioning through this change, I am more aware of where my body has risen to the challenge of moving around a store and being on my feet for a shift and where it hasn't!  I am building physical stamina again...and that feels great!

Time Management Skills

Since I haven't punched a timecard in years, I noticed that my time management skills were becoming compromised over time. Especially having a studio in my home! Now that I have a schedule again where I am responsible for showing up outside of my own business, I have already noticed that my time management as it pertains to my jewelry production is greatly improved. 

Over the weekend, I was able to design and produce $1000 retail in jewelry for an account in Asheville. My focus and creativity was on fire, and I believe that is because I had small window of time to complete something. 

Hard deadlines are motivating...and it gave me a concrete reason to respond to applying my energy in a certain direction. The result was invigorating and satisfying. 

For me, I find that I can get more done when time is in short supply, and innovation comes easier. 

New Friendships

As an adult, it can become more difficult to find and develop new friendships that will be long-lasting. Joining groups is one way to do it, but most groups only meet weekly or monthly. With a job, you are able to forge friendships with co-workers faster because of all the time you spend together while on the clock, and character can be determined quickly. 

During my interview, I mentioned that a big reason that I wanted to work for this company was that I was looking for something that I thought would be fun, in an environment where the employees felt a passion for being there instead of just punching in and out to get the bills paid.

I also have a personal interest in wellness because I believe that our times are calling for all of us to become more self aware, and responsible for our own health and wellbeing.  The old belief that someone else has authority over our bodies and health are giving way...thankfully.  

I shopped in this store before I considered finding a part-time gig and was impressed with how happy the employees seemed to be...and engaged with those that entered their professional environment.

I actively searched for a work environment that appealed to my sense of being of service to others, valued education and knowledge and that would offer a fun way to make productive use of my particular skill set. 

And that leads me to my final benefit....

A New Application of Acquired Skills

Over the years, I studied and received a B.A. Degree in Technical Writing, taken a course in online marketing and business development via Marie Forleo's B-School and have explored and worked with many website design services. 

I love to write...I love working on websites and am excited by the possibilities of the internet for connecting to others. 

I have designed and developed quite a few websites for other artists and small business owners. Many, many hours have been spent in Wordpress and Squarespace over the years learning what these platforms can and can't do. 

I will never be a high production jeweler. I don't have any interest in hiring others to do my design work, either.  There is only so far I can scale my business...but I have acquired many skills in pursuit of my passion for making metal jewelry. 

I don't want my skills to whither away like the winter leaf...I want to repurpose what I know how to do to benefit more people than what I can do through my jewelry.  

There was a lot of thought going into making this decision...and I believed that when the right opportunity came into my life; I would feel it strongly. I love how adding a part-time job to my life has already benefitted the quality of my life, and I believe, in the long run, will also be of benefit to others, too. 

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