Showing My True Colors

Dragonflies and Damselflies are very ancient with estimates of having been around for over 180 million years. They have beautiful, jewel-like colouring. The bright colours take time to develop, reflecting the idea that with maturity our own true colours come forth. This is part of dragonfly medicine. --Ted Andrews

I was in my backyard this afternoon and spotted this Damselfly just resting underneath the canopy of a large tree stump  that used to be an oak tree that has sprung back to life this summer. Actually, I put a roof on the stump so it is also my fairy house, so finding her there was especially nice!

I happened to have my phone with me and caught this beauty resting before the next rain shower.

I looked up the Damselfly to see what teaching it has for me, and I found the quote above by Ted Andrews from his book, Animal-Speak.

Now, this quote especially rang true for me because I belong to a group of women on one of my social media accounts that help support each other as they transition from coloring their hair to letting their natural silver threads crown their heads.

I am smack dab in the middle of going dye and highlight free, (it's been 7 months since my last color treatment) and on the forum a woman was bemoaning the fact that she is now considered 'old' by our culture's definition of it.

I decided to respond here today, as this has been on my mind regarding aging and how I feel about it, especially as I am of an age when it would have been natural for me to be a grandmother by now.

Frankly, I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of watching my body change, along with my mind.

A few years ago, my mind went quiet. I am pretty sure it was related to some hormonal shifts that naturally occur at menopause, but I remember very clearly where I was when I noticed that my mind wasn't chattering away, and I was able to focus much more intently on what was in my immediate environment instead of being someplace back in the past or in the future.

Shayne and I were living in Jacksboro, TN in a lake house we were renting, and I was out taking a walk with Sadie down on the shoreline. It occurred to me that my mind was quiet. It was just like it used to be before I started puberty, and I could lose myself in my surroundings.

I remember calling my brother, because in that moment I realized that my mind had been very quiet, for days...was I showing signs of some sort of early dementia?

I wasn't...and after talking with my brother we realized that it was just another doorway one can choose to open as you age into living more in tune with your environment, and my former raging hormones were no longer influencing my day-to-day life.

Ladies of a certain age...if you have transitioned out of your hormone influenced mind, do you recall how much of your life was spent thinking about the minutia of looking attractive, sounding attractive,  wondering about love and drama and how the two mix?

I don't care to be sexually attractive anymore. I don't give a shit about that. I want to be humanly attractive. I want my appearance to serve as a physical signpost that I'm someone that wants to go into deeper and more meaningful conversations with everyone that I meet in life...not just my husband, family and friends.

I'm interested in expressing my whole self..not as a woman looking for a boyfriend, husband, lover or whatever. There is a big difference. Those of you that happen upon this post that haven't transitioned yet may not understand the subtle difference that I am writing about, but you will.

There is a pause for sure...although some women choose not to pause, reflect and contemplate how they are different once their body's shift. Some choose to stay on the train...and that's their right as human beings with free will. But I chose not to...I got off the train, found my own track and am living the reality my body lives in.

Does that mean that I am advocating just 'letting myself go?". No, I'm advocating taking exquisite care of yourself, wearing what you want that brings you a feeling of love towards yourself. Joy comes in color...that I am sure of. Joy is bright, lively, loud and proud.

I've been working with silver for many years. I love oxidized silver because I could age it by giving it a patina that highlighted the marks and textures of my designs.

I think I've been exploring aging via my jewelry for many, many years. Texture, scars, stories etched in my skin and's part of the package when you are gifted with a long life.

Oxidized silver is neutral in that you can pair it with any color and it will look fabulous. It doesn't matter if its warm or cool in tone, bright or pastel.

Working with silver has taught me that it is the perfect background for any color I want to use with it.

And that is why I believe Spirit turns our hair gray as we mature. It's so that we can express ourselves with all the colors in the crayon box and still look fabulous.

It's about dropping your limitations and expanding into limitlessness.

Here's to finding your true colors as you age...


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