What's Your Timing?

We spend most of our lifetime in reaction to the world around us, to our conditioning, to what people do to us, for us, with us. When you are in touch with your essential reality, you become a prime mover. You being to be a sacred witness, simply watching, creating harmony and balance and a space of tenderness around you of kindness and understanding. -Lynn V. Andrews, Love and Power

Shamanic Sterling Silver Earrings (The Dreamtime), 2017 Stacie Florer
I was switching a bookcase from my bedroom to the office and the Lynn Andrews book, Love and Power, slipped into my hands.

I couldn't remember ever purchasing this book...where did it come from? I opened it up randomly like you do when leafing through a book to see if any of the pages sparked a memory, and it was heavily underlined, which is something I don't normally do.


Over the weekend, I traveled down to North Carolina to attend a retreat at Wild Acres Retreat Center, and roomed with a friend of mine that is moving to Roanoke in a few weeks. She has been a great friend and traveling partner where we share experiences of spiritual gatherings with others. I was with her when we were both introduced to Human Design in Jonesborough, TN, and from previous experience, I know when we are together, there will be a shift in my own understandings about the mysteries of being human.

So this morning, we were talking about her recent insight about staying out of reaction to her life, and instead, adopting a wait and see attitude when confronted with a snag in her plans for her move here to Roanoke. She shared that she has been experimenting with just observing what is happening rather than trying to head things off or control an outcome.

And like magic, the snags seem to work themselves out much more elegantly than had she intervened as per her usual, and reactive, self has done in the past.

She has entered into an experiment regarding finding her right timing to hold back from reactive action, and hold and consolidate her power for action when the timing is right.

She shared with me the particulars of her experiences, and I felt the need to run back to my bedroom and grab this book. As I was finding the particular passage regarding timing to read to her, she noticed that the book had her underlines and writing in it!

About 5 years ago, she had gifted me some books in a bulk giveaway, and this jewel was in the stack.

So, it struck me that it was a super example about the importance of right timing for each of us...this knowledge and insight had been living in my bookcase for years, but the timing of finding it, of honoring my gut knowing to run back to my room and retrieve the book to share with her a passage in this time and space had a lot more impact because the timing was correct for both of us to enter into this shared experience about the nature of right timing.

I love it when shifts like this happen!

Over the last few weeks, I've been feeling a strong creative impulse to return to my fascination with shamanic and tribal understanding of the importance of connection to the earth and to ourselves. It shows in my new work, and the earrings above are my latest foray into exploration of the abstract way of rearranging the pictures of my life and making sense of them.

You know how the symbols of the dreamtime are often disjointed and hazy...but both the dreamtime and waking reality really reflect all of this integration.

The realizations and shifts occur in their own timing...I just have to patient enough to wait out the process and uneasiness of the chaos before order happens. That's the gist of what I was trying to portray with these earrings.

So that is the inspiration behind the design I've just added to my shop above....comments are always appreciated!

Do you feel anxiety in the waiting?

 Pushing energy before the right time for action often results in frustration, anger and bitterness...what's your experience with this?

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