Stacie wants to live in a world where everyone understands that they are a beautiful, singular and necessary part of the whole. 

She believes hearts CAN be changed, and growth is always possible!

As a metalsmith, she's been a featured artist for Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, spotlighted in various local and national publications, a member of three cooperative art galleries, part owner of a studio in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina and a sought after instructor. 

When she's not hitting metal with a hammer, you can find her cultivating new ways to enrich her life via her quest for self-knowledge, odd varieties of tea, simple moments with her husband and time spent alone in nature. 

My Favorite Tools

I had a large territory to roam as a hands were into everything and many of my memories are connected to what I was doing with my hands at the time an important event occurred in my life.

My hands held drumsticks as a teenager where I learned to listen to the natural rhythm within all of us and I continue to march to my own drum. I want to express the importance of learning to honor your own beat, too. 

When I was working aboard a ship as a young woman, I learned how to cook in a galley with a chef that told me my most valuable tools in a kitchen were my hands. She was right. My hands are the tools that feed my family in all ways.   

My right middle finger has a large writer's bump on it from years of pouring my thoughts to paper. Much angst and passion has passed from my heart through my hands. My hands are my tools towards understanding myself, so that I am mindful and responsible about how I communicate with others. 

In between my fingers are dozens of little 'v' marks from scissors where I nicked myself cutting someone's hair. I've traveled many roads in my life, worn many hats. Cutting hair was one of the many ways I've made my living with my hands by caring for others in how they express themselves. 

My hands draw and paint...hold and caress...clench when nervous, and smooth my husband's brow when needed. Fingertips once smooth are now calloused and rough from the need to create in metal to connect to you in my own small way.  I chase beauty and grace from my surroundings...what I can touch and feel. Plants, flower buds, dry leaves and sticks--all of it I learn from.

My thoughts and intentions about life and the sacred feminine are found in my work as a metalsmith.

I explore beauty through individuality and timelessness of the form; patience in the execution, while concentrating on style as opposed to mediocrity. I continue with my determination to learn, while concentrating on my inner integrity to become more than just competent.  And I try to imply a sense of freedom and whimsy in my work, too. 

I experiment with the duality of hardness and softness every day in my life, my work and my relationships with others. But at the end of the day, what I am most proud of, is how I nurtured myself and my beloved. I use these hands to pray, to connect with my life and to stay in gratitude. My hands have often led me to my heart.
Forging metal to look feel the warmth of nurture ourselves in small ways that are very big...that is what my work is about. 
From my hands to your heart. 

Published Tutorials

  • 10 Wire Cages and Bezels for Stones, Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry E-book, 2016
  • Featured Jewelry Designer for all 6 issues of Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, 2015
  • Stylish Stirrups - Belle Armoire Jewelry, Winter 2014
  • Pillow Pretties - Belle Armoire Jewelry, Winter 2014
  • 10 More Fabulous Wire Earring Projects- Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, E-Book, 2013
  • Curve Earrings - Belle Armoire Jewelry, Autumn 2013
  • Lightweight Metal - Belle Armoire Jewelry, Summer 2013
  • Oblong Hoops Tutorial - Step by Step Magazine, August 2012
  • Stirrup Connectors - Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, Fall, 2012
  • Poppy Flower Tutorial - Bead Trends Magazine, October (Cover), 2012
Classes I've Taught At ArtBLISS Mixed Media Art Retreat In Washington, DC....
  • Elemental Bracelet, 2012
  • Heavy Metal Beads, 2012
  • Ranch Hand Earrings, 2012
  • Thin Gauge Metal, 2013
  • Post Earrings, 2013

River Arts District, Asheville, NC...

"Make and Take" Classes in Riverview Station, Asheville NC (River Arts District) 
  • Love Pendants, 2015
  • Cone Earrings, 2015
  • Private tutoring, 2015

Shows And Exhibits

  • 2009 Artist of the Month, Arkansas State Capital
  • 2009 Solo Show "Not Your Mother's Pearls", In Town Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
  • 2010 Collaborated with artist Katie Swenson for her show "Poems in Clay", Eugene, OR
  • 2011 "Opposites Attract" joint exhibition with painter Bradley Wilson, In Town Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
  • 2015 "Arts Adventure" Riverview Station, Asheville NC (River Arts District)


Stacie is a natural when it comes to teaching others and loves to share her wealth of knowledge with her students, or as she would say, her ‘collaborators’. Stacie is a generous, supportive, and easy-going instructor who encourages her students to embrace their creativity. I look forward to the opportunity to take another class with her. Melanie T.

Please keep me posted as to where you might be teaching! You are one of the best teachers I’ve had. I’ve never come away from a class, having learned as much as I did, in your classes at Art Bliss!! ” Julie

"Stacie worked with me to create the perfect earrings for me. She quickly sent them to me so I’d be able to wear them for X-mas. The packaging was as lovely as my earrings. Great job! My new favorites.” Carol T.

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