I’m Stacie and I’m so glad you are here!

I use my creativity to express my emotions and ideas about life in metal, and am grateful when my wordless creations find their way to you. I try to find the words in my jewelry descriptions about what was going on in my life or head while I was in the design process. There is a piece of me in each design…and I am honored by those that decide to wear what I make.

We ARE ALL creative. Creativity is the juice that our universe runs on. Think about the tools you have used to create the life you live now…you tap into what I tap into when I’m in my studio. We all choose different tools and different canvases to illustrate what’s inside of us at the time that longs to be actualized. I think the problems of our lives appear when we create without awareness based upon what we know and what we believe at the time.

Self Expression…has been a lifelong fascination of mine.

I play many roles in life - a wife, daughter, sister, friend, quiet activist, traveler, guide and artist. I’m passionate about ‘knowing thyself’ and my work as a Human Design Guide is one of the most fulfilling roles I have. To hold space for someone interested in knowing themselves is a privilege and one that I take humbly and seriously.

Hmmm…I cry during any live performance, snort-laugh at funny jokes and my voice sounds reasonable when singing in Sanskrit. English? Not so much. I’ve lived in too many places to count and am currently amazed that I’ve stayed put here in Roanoke for four years. It’s a record!

People in my life show up when they are entering into or in the middle of, transitioning from one state of being to another. Mostly it revolves around life stages. Sometimes its the transition from having life to no longer living. I seem to be wired to help them through their process. I’m more attuned to the new beginnings that come after endings, and my life reflects that via my relationships with others and the large number of locations I have lived in where transition showed up physically.

I’m traditional in some areas, and progressive in others. I often ask myself When is change needed? and where does it make sense to slow the process down? Will I be trading up or down in the quality of my life, or not? Change for the sake of change without contemplation about the effects seems reckless to me.

So I’m more about slowing down and being deliberate rather than speeding things up and being potentially reckless.

But that’s just the way I’m built. I know that about myself.

Human Design has shown me that we all have individual, tribal and collective energies within us in various ratio’s. It’s ridiculous to think that we can be labeled as this or that. One thing that drives me nuts is someone assuming I am this or that based on one of the many roles I may play! And I know that extends to each and every one of US.

I live my life with an emphasis on AND, not OR.

One size really never fits all…and that’s what is beautiful about life.

We are unique. And I feel that should be celebrated rather than ignored, overlooked and denounced.

Let’s see…I have the least intimidating face imaginable and it’s awesome how fast people warm up to me. I’m naturally friendly, but need time away from people periodically to just be.

I’m a walking contradiction, but we all are, aren’t we?

In my wanderings, I’ve discovered that often beauty and truth are two sides of the same coin. Where you find one, you will find the other. That’s been an interesting discovery though sometimes painful. I look for what is real in life, and am trying to give up what isn’t.

Which is why my tagline is Bring Your Beauty to the World, and the World will be More Beautiful.

Know who you are and celebrate that…bring that to the world. The truth of you is what is beautiful.

Being outside in nature, loving my family and friends, stinky poodle breath, compassion coupled with dislike (that’s a tough one, but real), beauty and present mindedness is real to me. I love my body and what it allows me to experience… I melt into music, food and beautiful environments and know that intuition and instinct have saved my life a few times. I know how to listen to my body, trust what she tells me and act when she prompts me to.

I’m working on being a know-it-all.

Wouldn’t it be something to live from all that you know…that is why first hand experience is the most valuable thing in the universe to my mind.

I’m aware that it will take many, many lifetimes to know it all, tongue in cheek…here—but hey, I’m in for the long haul.

The more I discover about myself, the more I realize that many of us build our lives mostly based on what we don’t know and that is the root of many problems.

Beliefs can change…and when you change your beliefs, your life changes. But what you KNOW…that is real.

On the flip side, I also realize that I don’t know much at all. How liberating!

All that is left to discover for myself is immense!

Which brings me to my burgeoning appreciation of radical skepticism. In a paradoxical way, it opens the door to flexible thinking.

Flexibility in thought is one ingredient in my secret sauce to life.

Another ingredient is right timing. When you find your right timing, a beautiful life is possible in every way.

What do you know about yourself vs. What do you believe about yourself?

The quality of my life has dramatically improved by living my answers to those questions, and it’s always a work in progress.

There is no ‘end’ to it. How cool is that? There is always something to learn, a chance to grow and experiences to be lived.

Thank you for being here. I mean that.

Where I go a little deeper….