My Experience with Human Design

Human Design is the framework I use to live my life and understand those that are in my life.

It is a profound system that instantly resonated with me when I was introduced to my Bodygraph™ in 2015. I found out that I am a Generator with Emotional Authority. So many things that were fuzzy in my understanding of myself started to become crystal clear.


As a metalsmith, I learned from my own experience in creativity that I don’t just come up with designs so much as I respond to what I see in my environment for creative inspiration. I’m not one of these artists that knows beforehand what I am going to create when I am in my studio with an urge to create a new design. I am always responding to shapes and forms, then I tweak them and the response mechanism kicks in again and again until I am satisfied with the final piece.

If you are on the creative side, we will probably be a great match. I am a working artist, and also think in the abstract. I understand the drive to create from a Generator’s point of view, and have put the time in my craft (17 years) on my journey towards mastery.

As a person designed to respond to life, I stopped initiating action without being in response to someone or something professionally and personally 4 years ago and my business model and LIFE changed dramatically.

My approach to goal-setting changed significantly. I more or less set intentions and wait for life to bring about the means for me to achieve a desired experience. My responses to life lead me to experiences I could never have foreseen, much less planned for. My days are fulfilling on a level that blows my mind. My life thus far has proven to me that I work better without a road map because I know that road maps just lead to dead ends. read that right. I experience life with an expansiveness that makes me excited to get up and get going on my day. I respond on a moment-to-moment basis and trust that my micro-choices will lead to macro experiences. I threw out an old belief that I have to have it all planned out ahead of time, and I am thriving as a result.

Bottom line…I trust universal timing and the process of waiting for clarity once life offers me an opportunity for growth.

I live in Roanoke, Virginia where I work in my downtown studio making artisan jewelry, and introducing those that approach me to their Human Design Bodygraph™.  I teach the Living Your Design Workshop on an individual basis, as well as small groups, too.

Knowing my design has literally changed my life…for the better. I am aware of myself in a way that I was always searching for, but couldn’t quite satisfy. I make decisions now that insures less frustration and resistance and more flow and exciting experiences. But most importantly, I wake up excited and looking forward to what my day will entail. There are always surprises, and a lot of delight.

What I can offer you as a Human Design Guide… 

If you work with me, I will help guide you towards finding your own answers to your most profound questions regarding you. I will introduce to you practical ways to solve some longstanding dilemmas and watch as your self-realization unfolds like a tightly wound flower bud. The most enjoyable part in this process for me is watching those that I’ve shared this information with drop into themselves with deep recognition. I literally observe them emerge to themselves like they’ve finally found their wings to fly after they’ve shed the skin that prevented their wings from unfurling.

Beauty is that inner truth that we are all here to express…Human Design is a wonderful tool that I’ve found to be practical and life-changing.

I’ve been in my Human Design experiment now for 4.5 years, and my experience has been phenomenal. I would love to share with you what I’ve come to know if it sounds like something you want more information about.


What I am certified to cover with you…

  • Origins of Human Design

  • Synthesis of Design Concepts

  • Rave Bodygraph™ and its components

  • Characteristics of Centers

  • Definition Types

  • Types of Decision Making Authorities

  • Healthy Sleep Habits by Type

  • Not-Self Conditioning


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