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Hara Line Earrings ( My Search for Alignment)

I am in the middle of a daily meditation exercise regarding the seed thought of alignment. Specifically, what is the nature of alignment?

And why is this an important concept to contemplate over a long period of time?

Energy flows best when there are no impediments blocking the movement. Like water, it will travel the lines of the least resistance. A few months ago, I went on a kayaking trip with Shayne on a small river a little north of my home, and I learned quickly how to navigate the rock-filled river by aligning myself between the rocks as best I could.

I got stuck several times...but the thrill of running a line through fast moving water 'stuck' with me. And I began thinking about alignment and the importance of it in any structure, including my body.

2019 was a tough year for me physically as well as emotionally. I have been plagued with a shoulder and foot problem that is a result of being misaligned physically. I injured myself swimming along with a bad habit of sleeping on my side, and it has caught up with me with a painful shoulder joint. Also, I bought some outdoor sandals that ended up giving me bursitis of my heel and because of compensation issues my body is really out of alignment.

I am feeling it everywhere...hips, calves, ankles, neck and head. Ugh.

That's just the physical. I was also out of alignment in an emotional way too...and have been working through my issues by clearing, grieving and forgiving. It's really helping in so many ways, but one thing that has happened as a result is now life is putting information in front of me about the importance of understanding the power of alignment from a soul's perspective, too.

The Hara Line is a concept I first heard about while watching Cyndi Dale on Gaia. She was being interviewed by Lisa Garr and started talking about this column of energy that provides the auric structure of our body.

It really resonated and while I was listening, I made these earrings.

The body's auric energy is shaped like an egg and this column of energy (Hara Line) runs from the heavens to the core of the earth. From what I have read, it's life force energy and works like a 'guiding light' for us to connect to our true self and is our direct pathway to God.

That's why I used brass as the Hara Line and because the line runs in the bones in front of the backbone, I placed the Hara Line behind the egg-shaped hoop. It is deep within the body.

The Hara Line is also said to be where the body stores our intentions. It takes a lot of energy to manifest intention, and I imagine being in the best alignment possible will enable you to physicalize your intentions quicker. Since this is the New Year and the time for intentions, it would be a good idea to get your Hara Line healthy!

I am going to be doing more research about it, but I sure felt compelled to work with the Hara Line concept with these earrings. They are made to order and are made from brass and sterling silver.

As for my contemplation on Alignment, I'll have more to write about as I continue to process what it really means and the importance of applying it to my life as I continue on my way investigating my spiritual life.

Here's to a happy, fulfilling and enriching 2020!

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