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Oneness Earrings & New Designs

One of my favorite times of the year is deep winter because this is when new designs start peeking their heads up out of my subconscious.

I love this new little earring design...it is very lightweight, organic and minimalist. Oneness is a strange concept to try and capture. I mean, oneness is everything and nothing at the same time. A great void of possibility, but not realized physically yet.

I am having a very intense start to 2020. I've really been responding to some deeper metaphysical learnings, and I am being led to explore sacred geometry. When I was in high school, geometry was very difficult for me. I find it funny that I basically play with geometry now for my living...design is a calling for shapeshifting. Shapes convey so much more information than words do when you sit down and really think about it.

So about oneness. When you form your mouth to even say one, if forms a circle. Looking at these earrings, I can feel the word by the shape of it. This sort of inquiry can lead you down a rabbit hole, can't it? How the reality we live in is expressed in the words we use...all symbols!

The dangle in the middle conveys the importance of focus and intention. A single point. Specificity. When you want to bring anything into your reality to experience, you have to use your will power to form the intention, and that requires the ability to focus and concentrate.

As far as minimalism goes, it doesn't get much simpler than the concept of One, does it?!?

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