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Mixed Metal Forgiveness Earrings


I did an amazing 40-day Prayer of Forgiveness and was inspired to make these beautiful Cross Earrings out  of sterling silver and brass.


I wanted to work with the Christian cross in a personally meaningful way as I contemplated the power of Christ’s teachings regarding forgiveness of ourselves and of course, others in our life.


Forgiveness allows us to leave the past and walk into our future. It is the ‘way’ forward. I believe that without forgiveness as a natural part of our processing experiences, that we can’t move towards the ultimate re-union with Father-Mother-God.


For more about my thoughts on this subject, check out my blog post about Forgiveness.


These are made from sterling silver wire that is shaped and soldered together to form the cross.


The cross is heavily textured. The Cross swings back and forth on top of the brass hoop. The silver is oxidized and with a matte finish. The brass hoop is hammered with a strong & shiny finish. The brass hoops represent the light of the our energy source..the sun, and I wanted the cross to be placed IN the light.


Length is approximately 1 3/4 inches.

Width is approximately 3/4 inch.


This design is made to order. Currently my turnaround time is 3 BUSINESS DAYS after the order is placed. I do not work in my studio on weekends, so please take that into account to estimate ship time. I ship USPS First Class and your jewelry will arrive in a box wrapped ready for gifting to yourself or the lucky someone you purchased it for!

I stamp my jewelry with my makers mark "sflorer" depending on whether or not there is room on the design, and if it is 100% sterling silver it will be stamped with a .925 stamp if I can. Some designs that are made from all wire or very narrow I am unable to stamp.

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