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SS Benevolence Hoops


You hear about people that give their material possessions away without any desire to bring attention to themselves.

These earrings are an homage to that quality of humanity that is unsung because we don't know who to sing the song for.

Maybe it's for all of us...to do better, be better and act in accordance with the universal law that what you give away comes back in abundance.

These are for the collector who wants an obviously artisan-made hoop earring, but without a lot of fuss - solid construction, with my signature stirrup connector. 

These hoops are textured with sandpaper and heart...I form them from 12-gauge sterling silver wire and hammer them into shape.


Oxidized sterling silver gives them a nice, soft patina; and guarantees that they will look great regardless who is wearing them…warm or cool skin tones. 


A staple for your jewelry collection...never out of style!


These measure about 2 inches in length (including ear wire) and about 1 inch in width. 


Due to the nature of artisan-made, your pair will differ slightly from the photograph.


Please allow 3 days for fabrication before they ship. 


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