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SS Entanglement Earrings


How many ways do we entangle ourselves with those in our lives?


I can think of at least three...emotionally, physically & spiritually. 


Entanglement can be joyful...or not. It's the human condition though, so it's something to really think about.


I made these earrings with my husband in mind...the way that we fit together in all ways, yet we are separate beings too. We choose to entangle ourselves with each other and when its good, we form a beautiful whole that feels effortless. We are constantly adjusting ourselves in all of the aforementioned ways above to form that more perfect union through compromise. 


Heavy gauge sterling silver wire has been forged into a beautiful and artful pair of large oblong hoop earrings. I've used my signature stirrup connector to give these earrings a sculptural aesthetic and fun feel as they swing from the ears. 

They measure a little over 2 inches in length and about an inch wide. Please refer to the photos for a better idea of size next to my metal ruler.


Your pair will be slightly different from those pictured. Please allow three days for fabrication before they ship. 



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