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SS Harmony Earrings


Each of us have a particular note we are here to add to the universal symphony of life. Our notes are unique, unlike any other note in the entireity of the known, and imagined, reality we find ourselves in. We tend to concentrate on how we are the same, instead of standing in wonder about how we are different. 


Harmony happens when three notes are sounded simultaneously, or when three different things decide to work togehter. Each one doesn't try to BE the other. When we embrace our individual differences, we have the capability to embrace the differences in others. We can then make the decision to harmonize instead of fractionalize. 


Any group is as strong as it's weakest member. If all members are developed along their individual lines of genius, then the group itself is unstoppable. That is a heterarchy in action, not hierarchy. My hope is that we are moving away from the hierarchy method of organization and towards heterarchy. Harmony is stronger than imbalance any day of the week. 


These earrings are made from sterling silver sheet metal and wire. The total length is 2 3/4 inches long, and about 1/4 inch in width. They are very lightweight! The ear wires are made from sterling silver. 


Please allow 3 days for fabrication before they ship. 



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