I was introduced to my BodyGraph™ chart in a time of my life where I felt pressured and restrained to fit a particular mold and achieve certain predetermined sociatal goals. 

Stacie’s perceptive consideration of my chart allowed me to engage with my own design creatively and without judgement. 

That is, Stacie’s guidance showed me an image of myself-my nature, tendencies, habits, etc.- that was, for the first time, liberated from the facage of criticism and comparison with which I had unknowingly burdened myself. 

It was her holistic approach and comprehension of the Human Design system that worked around, and even broke down, my preconditions about who I was and who I am meant to be. 

Above all, her guidance centered me, make me more self-aware, and, most importantly, allowed me to work with myself instead of against what I thought, or felt, needed to change.” Lindy A.

My Guidance sessions with Stacie were illuminating and cathartic! Though I count her as a close friend now, we hardly knew each other when we were doing our sessions and her insight was mind-boggling and impressive.

Stacie’s revelations about my identity, how I fit and interact with the world, and how best to do so going forward were so spot on and helpful!

The chart she provided me illustrated my defined and undefined regions and helped me understand how I’ve been communicating with people my whole life and how to communicate better going forward.

One of my biggest takeaways, and something I’ll always remember, was the advice to wait for “invitations” in life and then seize those opportunities that felt right. It’s been tremendously helpful and looking back on my life, incredibly, the best things to happen to me were the result of accepting certain invitations and forging ahead.

So when Stacie invited me to review her Guidance sessions, I leapt at the opportunity because I profoundly believe this can help people discover who they are, reduce negative friction in their lives, and be their best selves!” John Rigdon

“Thank you so much for the guidance session you provided my friend Donna and I.

Not only was it informative and expertly delivered, but having the pdf of your presentation has allowed me to digest even more after the session. I thought I knew quite a bit about Human Design, but I had no idea about how intricately and subtlely the energies can combine and support one another.

Also, your focus and intuitions were spot on through out the session. Thanks, and I’ll be calling again to set up another appointment.” Chuck P.



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