Hello and welcome...the spirit of I AM welcomes the spirit that YOU ARE.

Here, I embrace my holy curiosity and offer what I discover about metalwork in the form of art jewelry and self-awareness as it relates to our individuality.
— stacie@stacieflorer.com

On my blog Soul, I share the tools and insights about what I am discovering about self-awareness and how to embrace our individuality. Favorite quotes, books, people and my thoughts about what I discover about myself and feel that may be interesting and useful to you will show up there. 

On my blog Substance, I share with you about my creative process bringing feeling to form. I will share techniques that I uncover/discover about metalworking, photography, studio announcements, design ideas and new jewelry there.

My life's work is really about where my soul intersects with the substance of my life...and chasing the beauty of expression in all of its forms. 

With love and gratitude,