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Right now, I am exploring connections. How we connect to others, to ourselves and to the world in general. I am exploring the form of the safety pin as it relates to safety and closures. I am also pondering OM or Aum...circles upon circles, the cosmic note that creates all. 

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Studio 256 Classes/Instruction

Jessica and I are hosting Make and Take classes throughout the rest of the year in our studio. We are doing them about every two weeks on Thursday nights. I am also offering private instruction for those of you that need a buddy to move forward with your own creative journey. 

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Stories Behind My Jewelry


I love to write. I was a writer before I was ever a jewelry designer.  I write to process my daily interactions and to figure out what to take away from those experiences to make my life more fulfilling and less stressful. I love to share what I learn if I can find the universal lesson.  

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