Hello, I'm Stacie, and I fabricate comfortable and ruggedly feminine art jewelry imbued with spirit for people that want their jewelry to be an object that attracts conversations about their own meaningful experiences.

I'm a metaphysical metalsmith, and jewelry fabrication allows me to connect to you in three different ways...

In the making of it...

 I hold in my heart the intention my jewelry will help you feel effortlessly comfortable in your own skin.

In the selling of it...

I am attracting those of you that understand the importance and embrace the journey towards your own individuation. We are each unique, and my jewelry is for you if you want to embrace your divinely beautiful, yet singular, hue of humanity. 

In the teaching of it...

I'm honored to share with you what metal has taught me in all areas of my life, as well as help you use tools safely and with confidence while listening to your own voice to express what longs to show up from your soul's desires. 

Self-expression is, I believe, why we are here. Shine your light brightly...



Teaching and connecting to others that love jewelry is my own personal vehicle to discuss matters of spirit...and how something that is tangible can remind you in a beautiful way of something intangible.
— Stacie Florer

This is the only necklace I wear...I picked up the stone on the desert floor in Taos, NM after my first (and only) hot air balloon ride. It is uncut, rough and beautifully expressive. It is also the very first stone I ever set. I stamped SOAR on it to remind me to take every opportunity to fly high, but the stone reminds me of the importance of being grounded, too. 

I am super excited to offer private workshops based on an hourly rate for 2015! Private instruction is very concentrated and focused on what you need to advance to that next level in jewelry fabrication. 

The content of the workshop is up to you and I will design a jewelry project based on the techniques you most want to learn and begin to master. 

You will take home a project that will be a tangible reminder of what you learned during our time together, as well as written reminders and notes based on what you learn while in the workshop so you don't have to worry about writing everything down. I'll do that for you based on our conversations and where the workshop lessons take us. Click here for more information about rates, materials and tools. 

The latest on my blog...



I am excited to announce that I am one of the 2015 Artist's of the Year for Step by Step Wire Jewelry! A brand new tutorial will be featured in each 2015 Issue!

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