I make jewelry to connect to myself, to you and to the rest of the world. My intention is that you are reminded of the importance of connection when you wear my jewelry or read my words.
— Stacie
Lately, my creative focus is on connections...connecting with ourselves, with others, with our environment...both in the inner and outer planes of experience. I have been exploring the form of the safety pin-- mainly the area that allows the opening and closing of the connection. What can we do to move past feelings of fear and vulnerability in order to allow our connections to deepen? When is it appropriate to shield ourselves somewhat from others? This opening and closing of our selves as it relates to authentic and holistic connection is what I am exploring via metal and stone...our areas of closed tension, our areas of wide-open awareness. There are many pathways to take towards living a fulfilling, courageous life as it relates to our capacity to connect to self and others. XO...
one of my favorite ways to connect is via instagram...please join me there for the day to day joys that show up at home and in the studio...@stacieflorer