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Hello There!

I have been a metalsmith since 2005 and love thinking up new designs. I work in Roanoke, Virginia and primarily work in silver and bronze. Texture and form drive my designs, along with wearability and comfort. 

I strive for jewelry that aids in your spiritual growth. Every piece is built with a particular intention that I am currently finding to be necessary in my own inner journey

Thank you for dropping by and checking out what I'm currently up to in my studio. 



Timekeeper Hoops

My Latest Posts

Bring your beauty to the world, and the world will be more beautiful!

Hey there beauty...

Here is how I imagine you as I make your new jewelry... 

You are a romantic. You believe in the power of love and find it with the people you are with, the animals that you share space with and you fill up your surroundings with things that connect you to your memories. 

I imagine you are artistic. Your creativity shows up in all facets of your life. A slow-cooked meal, a luxurious bath. Handwritten notes, beautifully arranged flowers and a meal eaten on a handmade plate is as valuable to you as a beautiful painting to get lost in. 

Your grounded pragmatism doesn't get in the way of passion, authentic sentiment or unexpected surprises that demand your immediate attention. You can still be delighted by what life can dish up and be generous with your surpluses. 

You use your intellect as a useful tool to aid in your learning. You love books & articles.  You honor your gut feelings and listen to your intuition. You know the value of balancing all the parts that make you who you are. 


Regret isn't in your vocabulary because you live fully in each moment. You've always done the best you could at the time and learned from your successes as well as your mistakes. 


And because of that, you value hard-earned wisdom born only from experience. You know what you know. 


New isn't necessarily better. Change isn't always progress. You've learned that timing is everything, and decision-making is the most important skill one can hone over their lifetime. 


I make my jewelry with these things in mind. To remind you of the beauty in your strength, that connection to others as well as ourselves is necessary & personal integrity is still a thing to be proud of.


Together, we show our beauty to the world because we choose to make it more beautiful in the way we live our lives. 




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